About us

Our Philosophy

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our future generations. With this in mind our endeavor at ’Smart kid’ is to build up the next generation with the right values and concepts through creative learning. With our love, care and personal attention, we nurture the little buds. Parents are encouraged to be a part of the child’s learning process.

Brittle as a child mind is, ‘Handle with care’ and compassion is our motto. All staff members have been chosen for their warmth and dedication. In-house training modules for our educators/staff ensure, we nature innocence and curiosity of each child. Our commitment’s towards excellence….at Smart Kids Day Care programs offer peace of mind to each parent by providing the highest standards of child care and education.

Our philosophy is based on Love, learning and Nurturing. These are three meaningful words that make us believe in the proper intellectual development of the child. At Smart Kids Nursery Day Care we believe that we need to be a vital extension of your family, sharing Love and concern for your children and work together to build a foundation for their happiness and success. Our intent is to give back to childhood its inner calm and playfulness.


Our Nursery has been specially designed suit our young and eager preschooler’s, keeping in their mind their curiosity and being explorative. Our Nursery promotes learning with fun and excitement. The Nurserybuildings semblance, cleanliness, colorful interiors with creations for the children to appreciate our dear nature while learning.

Class room

Teacher student ratio is always kept to focus more on kids’ welfare and our learners comfort ability. Study tables and chairs are designed keeping in mind their age and safety .class rooms are divided according to the age groups . They are taken to different rooms for vedioshow,library,puppet show etc to bring sense of wonder and adventure.

Safety First

All safety measures are in place as per the MINISTRY OF EDUCATION,UAE. Special care is taken while moving specially in the staircase, indoor and outdoor activities areas. Toys are clean, washable and sterilized.

Certified Tutors

All are teachers are Montessori trained and approved by the Ministry Of education. They will guide you to find the perfect school for your child, support their needs, and encouragethem to pass challenges. Our teachers are committed to each and every student in building confidence to meet their goal with love and understanding.

Infant Care

A great boon for working mothers. Working hours for infant care is from 8AM to 5PM.We look after babies from six months to 2 years in a special environment where your baby can grow and learn from a bundle of joy to a bundle of curiosity. We focus in keeping your baby happy, engaged and secure.


Transport facility is available for all areas in Fujairah and Kalba.
Vans are fitted with all safety features.Drivers are given special training for pick and drop of children by the RTA.