Day Care Center

Smart Kid Nursery & Day Care Center

Smart Kid Nursery & Day Care Center is a purpose built facility in the heart of fujairah, welcoming children from the ages of 6 months to 4 years. Your child can find a place among the Teeny Angels (6 months to 18 months), The Little Ones (18 months to 24-26 months), The Incredible Twos (24-26 months to 3 years), or Fantastic Threes (3 – 4 years).


We are open all year

We understand the needs of working parents and one thing parents can count on is that we are open all year round. That means we don’t close during summer or winter seasons, only on public holidays.

Specialised curriculum

We offer a safe space for your child to play and grow. We have designed a curriculum that nurtures, educates, and develops your child across five different areas of development. With one on one attention, creative play, and our specialised curriculum, your child will develop their fine motor skills, a larger vocabulary, social skills, exploration and logic, and their creativity through play. Our nurturing caregivers, nurses, and teachers will ensure that your child is safe while you are away.

Naturally Inspired Learning

We believe that children learn best when their curiosity is inspired. At Grassland we do not separate children from different age groups or classrooms as we believe that they learn from each other and are motivated to grow by being exposed to children at different levels of development. They will be given lessons to improve speaking, vocabulary, motor skills, and letter/number recognition among the other vital skills that will be needed to eventually move on to school.

Limited student intake

We believe that every child deserves special attention. For this reason, we limit our intake of students to make sure our children feel at home and are given the attention they require. For our smaller students, we offer a caring nursery that provides all the comforts of home. Your Teeny Angel will be given individualized attention from our team of nurses and caregivers to ensure that your little one is safe and sound.

Our year-round hours of operation are
7:30 AM to 5:00 PM